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Welcome to GSRC

The Georgia Society for Respiratory Care is an affiliate of the American Association for Respiratory Care. The AARC is the only professional society for respiratory therapists in hospitals and with home care companies, managers of respiratory and cardiopulmonary services, and educators who provide respiratory care training.

This site is dedicated to the professional development of respiratory therapists in Georgia, and the patients they care for. Feel free to browse the site and email our team if you have questions or ideas.

Our Mission Statement

Inspire, Educate, Support and Advocate for respiratory health.

Happening Now: 2017 General Election

Voting will remain open until Friday, May 5th. 

Click here for more information and to cast your vote!



Thanks to all GSRC Members & Students who came to GSRC Capitol Day 2017.

We spent the morning performing COPD screenings for legislators before receiving an official commendation from Governor Deal and taking a group photo in the Governor's office.

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News You Need to Know

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Telemedicine: The Promise and Challenges

Find the full article here.

Congratulations to the Fall/Winter 2016 Respiratory Therapy Graduates!

Visit our Student Resources page to view the latest Respiratory Therapy graduates and to get more information on what GSRC does for students.

Need more CE? Here are a few options: 

Webinar Offerings

GSRC Supporter Program

GSRC is involved in many activities that support:

  • Education of RRTs, students, the public, and our patients
  • Advocacy of the profession
  • Communication among members, the public, and our colleagues in medicine
  • Scholarships for RT students
  • National initiatives, such as disaster relief and the establishment of international respiratory programs

Learn more about the GSRC Supporter Program and how you can join - HERE.

GSRC's Top Ten Reasons to Get Involved - Join Today!


1. AARC membership includes membership in the GSRC at no additional cost.

2.AARC membership saves RTs money.  What you pay in dues will be returned to you many times in discounts and services.

3. Brings you real-time information when you need it to perform better in your job and for your patients.

4. Membership dues are a bargain compared to other health associations'.

5. Dues are $89 per year for a digital membership--or just $7.42 per month. If you take advantage of discounts from car rentals to life insurance rates, you can save more than this in a given year.

6. In the past year, AARC offered its members 51 free CEUs and 216 discounted CEUs.

7. Digital AARC magazines reduce clutter in your mailbox.

8.AARC fights for the rights of the Respiratory Therapists throughout the country.  

9.NBRC, CoARC, ARCF, and State Composite Medical Board – Explained:

a.     NBRC – administers credentialing exams. Membership dues are $25 per year.

b.     CoARC – accredits schools to ensure educational quality.

c.     ARCF – raises money to support scholarships and fellowships.

d.     State Composite Medical Board – administers licensure in the state of Georgia.  Dues are $105 every two years.

10.  The cost to be a professionally licensed therapist in the state of Georgia and be a member of your professional organization $165.50 per year.  That’s just  $13.80 per month--or less than 1% of your salary. 

If you would like to download a copy of the GSRC's Top Ten Reasons to Get Involved to share with your friends and colleagues, you can download that here.

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President's Message

It is with great pleasure that I will be serving the Respiratory Care Practitioners in Georgia this year. My goal, in every endeavor, will be to focus heavily on our mission to “Educate, Advocate, Support, and Inspire for Respiratory Health.” I would like for every Respiratory Care Professional in Georgia to see how EASI it is to become a GSRC member:

EDUCATE RT Professionals with High Quality Continuing Education
The GSRC Board of Directors (BOD) and I are dedicated to ensuring that our meetings, be it district or regional, have high quality content that assist RT Professionals in their day-to-day tasks on the job. We also have informational sessions that help RT Professionals looking to advance their skills. It is our goal to administer these educational events at reasonable costs while providing knowledgeable speakers with expertise in the content. Our website, along with the AARC, also offers links to online opportunities for obtaining continuing education.

ADVOCATE for the RT Profession to Promote Public Awareness and Improve Community Access to Respiratory Health Initiatives
I believe that the Respiratory Care Profession is underutilized nationally. It is my goal to improve our visibility throughout the state. To reach this goal, RTs across the state will be needed for initiatives like health fairs, COPD drives, Respiratory Care Week promos, etc. The GSRC BOD and I will also be instrumental in advocating state-wide changes in our profession. Our aim is to increase our visibility and accessibility to cardiopulmonary patients who need treatment from a practitioner who can best manage their care – Respiratory Care Professionals!

SUPPORT RT Professionals in Rendering High Quality Respiratory Care
The GSRC BOD has always been instrumental in assisting RT Departments, Sleep Centers, Homecare Companies, etc. with support for ensuring that their RT Professionals were rendering high quality respiratory care. My goal this year is for us to continue being a gateway of support for RT professionals throughout the state. If there is anything we can do to support you or your department, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

INSPIRE RT Professionals to Get Active, Connected, and Engaged in Promoting Respiratory Health
The GSRC BOD and I plan to be very visible throughout the state this year, encouraging you and your peers to not only become members and maintain your professional membership from year to year, but to also find a way to be an active, connected, and engaged AARC/GSRC member! By active, connected, and engaged I mean doing more than just coming to district and/or regional meetings. We have several things for you to do if you are interested in getting involved. From being out front engaging with other professionals to assisting behind the scenes, your support (big or small) is needed at the GSRC.

Lastly, we want to serve as a networking venue for RT professionals throughout the state. The meetings we hold can be a great way to network and socialize with other professionals like yourself, especially at our events that are just geared towards unwinding and having fun with one another. Besides having loads of fun, who knows, a connection you make at one of our events could lead to several future opportunities and open doors for you that you might have otherwise not even been aware of.

I look forward to seeing you at an event or possibly even at your respective employers!


Dr. R. Monique McCreary, EdD, RRT-NPS

President Georgia Society for Respiratory Care 2016-2017

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